Friday, April 23, 2010

Viva Fiesta!

Well, today is an official holiday in San Antonio - Battle of the Flowers, and Fiesta has been raging for the past week.  On Wednesday, I attended Corynation - the cheapest, raunchiest Fiesta event.  And it was FABulous...

Saturday, I will run the Fiesta Fandango 2.6ish mile race - in front of the Fiesta Flambeau night parade vanguard.

During Fiesta, there is a LOT of crowning of 'fake' royalty.  One of the 'kings' is El Rey Fido - and this year, it was DINGO!  Unfortunately, it was a different Dingo (the one with the tiara on the right):

While my Dingodog was happy that a fellow Dingo achieved such fame, she did comment, "C'mon, now, who is the REAL dingo?"

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