Monday, April 5, 2010

Traditional? Easter weekend

Saturday, I ran the 4 Kay 4k downtown.  It was a nice run, but a strange distance.  So, when I rounded the corner at my regular pace, thinking I had about another 4-5 minutes of running to go, I was smacked by the finish line.  I sure could have run that race a lot faster if I had paid attention to my distance.

On Sunday, I ran a nice 7 mile run with friends - heading downtown, then back up the River Walk to Brackenridge Park, where we checked out the crazies who were camping there.

And Sunday evening, I headed out to the Pegasus bar for drag queen whipped cream wrestling.  It was fabulous.  Perhaps the most impressive part was that they actually whipped an entire garbage can of whipped topping from scratch - in the sun!  We had a great time cheering on the queens and dodging flying wigs coated in whipped cream.

Thanks to Alexis for the pics!

Today, which would be the holiday Easter Monday if I still lived in Germany, I went to get a routine shot.  I ended up getting stuck a total of 4 times in both arms before the shot was successful :(  This has happened in the past, and the nurse said that my muscle is very dense.  Yeah, that sounds like me - the one who shirks on strength training and certainly does NOT have the physique of a body builder?!  I sure hate needles.

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