Saturday, April 17, 2010

Fiesta mission 10k steeplechase

Wow, it rained this morning.  I spent 30 minutes trying to avoid high water crossings in an attempt to arrive at the race start.  And then I just slugged the run - really, not my best effort.  Perhaps it was close to my worst effort.

Here's the start - I'm the one in the green poncho in the middle - wondering why I got out of bed.
Then, I ran it.  Not only was it slick, rainy, and muddy, but there are also 4 bouncy (suspension) bridges out and 4 back - the fluids in my head kept bouncing for awhile after each bridge and, by the final 2 bridges, vertigo kicked in and I had to shuffle along until the world stopped bouncing and spinning.

But I did manage a half-hearted crazy chicken pose - check out this guy saying "which way should I bolt to escape that crazy running chicken?"

And afterward, I changed into some dry gear and tried to recover - tried being the operative word.

After the run, there was an out-of-town couple (St. Louis) who needed a ride back to downtown - they were in town for a convention.  So, I rediscovered my back seat (it didn't seem right to put one of them in the hatchback trunk) and headed out to bring them back to downtown.  Of course, with my terrible sense of direction, I got a bit lost trying to get around a 3-train crossing.  So, I showed them all of the parts of San Antonio that they really did NOT want to visit.  They really appreciated it, though!

In other news, I'm planning fun trips to Mexico in June and Big Bend in January, instead of working on my house.  I figure that the opportunities are here now, and I'm taking them.  I can hire folks to work on the house when I'm old.

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics.

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