Wednesday, November 25, 2009

La polla loca corre

You would think that the 4.5 hour drive to the Rio Grande Valley would knock the crazy out of my crazy chicken running form.  And it did, but then I crossed the border to Nuevo Progresso, purchased some cheap tequila and other junk, and became La Polla Loca.  Here are the pics from the International Friendship 10k last weekend in McAllen, Texas.

Straight crazy chicken in any language

and here is a little 'zombi' or 'autómata' thrown in.

but I snapped out of it long enough to keep ahead of the fast older gentleman behind me.

and done.  This was actually a great bargain of a race.  For $10, there was a prerace spaghetti dinner, tshirt, 10k flat, fast race with water stops every 2k (I spent most of the race trying to compute my 1k splits, since I only know my mile/5k-increment splits), finisher medals for all, awesome breakfast tacos, (sadly, no beer unless you brought it - um, we did), and 'big injun' trophies for age group finishers. 

Thanks to for allowing me to slooooowly swipe their pics.  Frighteningly enough, you can visit their website and order these ugly race pics on a koozie or refrigerator magnet!  Now THAT's a holiday gift!

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