Sunday, August 23, 2009

Run, snap ugly race pics, eat, sleep, repeat

So, it rained again the night prior to the Sunrise 10k - just as it did last year, making downhills a bit hazardous. This was surprising since we are in crazy drought conditions, and made it ultra-miserably hot and humid once again. I kept it steady and chased the shade from one side of the street to the other, but was still soaking wet by the finish. As you can see here, #676 was trying like hell to get away from my sweaty mess:

There were over 800 runners and about that many hills, so my finish time was mediocre, so I managed a mediocre crazy running chicken pose while crossing the mats:

Lovely. Here is an even lovelier shot - wow, nothing like hanging out in the hot sun afterward to be 32nd in your age group!

Eek. That's bad. So, after the race, I refueled on Hatch chile cheese bread (super yum) and rested. Then, Sunday morning, I decided to run the 'long' (step down) 12 miler at Fleet Feet - and it was the SAME HILLS I ran the day before. Yep, pretty brutal.
During my last 3-mile add-on (they were only running 9), I spotted a collared dog in traffic. He waited for cars to pass, then crossed the street. I was going to grab him to see if he lived neary, but, he ran into a yard and grabbed the Sunday paper, returned to cross the road, and ran three doors down to drop the paper and lay down on a doorstep. Funny. And now, I am trying to save myself $19.80/week subscription fees by training Dingo in this discipline.

Thanks to IAAP for the pics and Fleet Feet for back-to-back hellruns

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