Thursday, August 20, 2009

Hills and chiles

Well, the temperatures have mostly cooled off into the high 90s, so it is time for some races. This Saturday, I will be running the FF Sunrise 10k. It's only 10k, but it is pretty brutal - especially with a 'turf toe' that does not want to run up hills:
And afterward, I will get my Hatch chile on! I was born in New Mexico, which must explain my true LOVE for green chiles. And the best ones come from Hatch, NM. And they will be roasting them here this weekend - yum! A couple of years ago, I actually bought several pounds of fresh chiles during Hatch season and roasted them in my oven - smelling up the entire apartment complex. Maybe I will see how many pounds of roasting chiles it takes to smell up the neighborhood.

It will definitely be a hot weekend all around.

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