Sunday, July 19, 2009

Running weekend

Wow, I feel like I spent all weekend either running or showering. I started with Los Chupacabras de la Noche 10k nighttime trail run on Friday night. I will recap that race in another post, but I DID NOT FALL. Again, I DID NOT FALL. Instead, I almost fell when I caught a rock, bruising/spraining/something my right great toe/arch, which made the rest of the weekend's very hilly running 'interesting.' After a veggie burger, a shower, and a little sleep, it was on to the next race.

Saturday morning was the 30th Annual Women's 5k. The women run, the men volunteer - here are some of the Brak Pak guys handing out chips. (These 3 guys on the left had run the Chupacabras with me the night before and were also operating on about 4 hours of sleep.)

Here I am attempting to run up the hill with a very sore right toe/foot. Like the night before, I was soaked, due to the extreme humidity.

After the race, we enjoyed breakfast tacos and watermelon.

And I told my running buddy, Jim, all about the chupacabra that bit me on the toe! After another shower and a nap (and some other stuff), I ran an 11-miler this morning, showered, and napped.

Thanks to Tom Lake for the pics!

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