Monday, July 6, 2009

2025 Packers Offensive Line

My future 2025 Green Bay Packers Offensive line met last week in Southern Wisconsin for mini (really mini) camp. And they are looking good for the future season:

From the left (line right):

TE Quinn. He'll talk at you a mile a minute, then blow past you like the Brewers' sausages are chasing him

T: Travis. He's tough. He's determined. Head down, he'll plow through you.

G: Steven. He's only laughing about how fast he will BLAST THROUGH you.

C: Jack. Are you looking at me? Are you REALLY looking at me. 'Cause I am looking THROUGH you!

G: Reece. Yeah, I'm small. Just wait until I head butt ya with this melon.

TE: Ronny: I will duke, flinch, run by ya and do an awesome dance in the endzone.

Um, sistas, I realized I am missing at least 2 offensive players - I at least need another tackle, a kicker, and a QB. No rush, we have until 2025, but you guys aren't getting any younger :)!

Gracias to Tim for the offensive line pics

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