Sunday, May 4, 2014

Still catching up

There is a possibility I will catch up on everything - perhaps by August or so.  Last weekend was the Fiesta Fandango Run.  It is a ~2.6 mile run in front of the Fiesta Flambeau night parade vanguard.  And it is always HOT.

We shuttle in from Brackenridge Park, where the costumes are judged.  After sweating my butt off last year, dressed as a Santa, I decided to go minimalist this year on the costume (e.g. I was too lazy to conceive a costume).

Here's the start - there were about 1700 runners.  Did I mention it was HOT?

And then, we were off - to a cheering crowd of hundreds of thousands, waving turkey legs at us...
At the finish, there was Tecate, popcorn, and cotton candy - 3 of the 4 food groups.

And, of course, a pinata that Brak Pak TOOK DOWN!
And, in the Fiesta tradition of fake royalty, we paid homage to a guy we'll call "El Rey Chancla."

And, with that, Fiesta 2014 was over.  Laura and I hosted book/wine club the following night, and then, I SLEPT.

This weekend, I ran the P.O.D.E.R. 5k downtown as a Girls on the Run running buddy.  (GOTR is one of my favorite local groups that aims to improve elementary and middle school girls' self esteem and overall health through running - this was their end-of-the-season 5k.)

My GOTR girl this time was Hailee, who (thankfully) was a dead steady little runner - in the zebra shorts.  (Often, as a running buddy, the 5k turns into a fartlek drill where we SPRINT for 45 seconds, come to a dead stop, amble for a few minutes - oooo shiny thing, then SPRINT and repeat for 3.1 miles.)

And some post-run pics, before I rushed to work some OT.

Next up:  Texas Flower Country Women's 5k in Fredericksburg

Thanks to Tom Lake/SARR, Michele, Dulce, Brice, IAAP, and Scotty Dog for the pics

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