Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bye, Simba

Simba was my first 'my' pet - and this has been the first face I've seen when I opened my eyes for the last 17 years - whether it was morning or after a post-long-run-nap

I adopted her in a in Darmstadt, Germany in 1997.  The guy who threw her into my Geo Tracker only knew 'its' name was Simba and it liked Sheba catfood.  We found that 'it' was a she - at heat age (6-12 mos), not fixed, would eat Friskies, and tolerated spay/vacc (so she was around a year old).  She flew (and got lost) from Frankfurt, GE to ATL to DAL to Kileen, resided in Belton, TX, lived through my deployment to Sarajevo,and moved to three residences in San Antonio.

From the beginning - she hated everyone.  She decided she liked only me, but she didn't like all other beings - human, ex-husband,canine, feline, or snake.  But, she outlived 3 step-brother-cats and 4 laptops (she remains a gatita of interest in the latter matters).

As she got older, she tolerated step-dogs and step-brother-cats, foster cats and dogs, and some cat people .

She's been my only 'free' pet - no major medical issues.  Until now.  We knew it was coming - Bye Simba.  Thank you for making it easier for me.

PS this picture is Simba alive, sleeping on me.

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Alexis Murdock said...

Made me cry! Simba had a GREAT life and a GREAT cat mom.