Monday, April 29, 2013

Last Saturday of Fiesta

I didn't participate in many Fiesta events this year, but this Saturday I was in the King William Fair Parade and Fiesta Fandango Run (before the Fiesta Flambeau Parade) - both in high heat and humidity and dressed in the finest Santa Claus suits Chinese children could construct (that last part may not QUITE be true).  But the rest was - it was uncomfortable, but fun.

First up was the King William Fair parade in the morning - this was a nice walk, handing out candy and seeing friends along the route.

Then, in the evening was the Fiesta Fandango ~2.6ish mile run.  With 1000s and 1000s of fans waving turkey legs and cheering us on.



we took off our pants around mile two (just kidding)

and after (yeah, those jackets came off FAST)

Whew - looking L-A-R-G-E and ugly - but fun running with the Brak Pak.

Here's a video by Ceci of us being goofy...

Thanks to Victor, Darlene, Dulce, Fumi, ScottyDog, Ceci, and Tom Lake/SARR for the pics!  Next up - 200 miles in Cape Cod.  Then, some more races and travel.  Then, I sleep (at the end of May).

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