Sunday, March 31, 2013

Yep, another half marathon

The great thing about half marathons is that they don't require much training (if your goal is completion) - I repeat: MUCH training.  Then again, some idiots just wing them, asking for pain and injury.  Exhibit A:  me.  My training has been pathetic at barely 20 miles per week, yet I 'winged' my fourth half marathon of 2013 on March 24, 2013.  And it did hurt a little, but last year, I ran it on a recently dislocated patella, so there was plenty of room for improvement.  So here's the Alamo 13.1 Half Marathon...

On Sunday morning, I parked my car and jumped on a BCycle to ride down to the start/finish at the Alamo.  After I checked the BCycle in and got ready for the start, the wind picked up and the temperature dropped ten degrees.  So, the first half of the half was run into a 35 mph headwind (I hate running in wind).

The wind ruffles the feathers of the crazy running chicken.

and, somehow, after climbing the hills of Trinity University and turning around, the anticipated tail wind turned into a crosswind - but I had some fun on the Riverwalk

zombie-style.  And I finished - probably my best HM of this (non-training) year - but puro crazy running chicken, about to launch.

Then I jumped back on a BCycle to cycle back to the car - and got knocked over by a wind gust.  Yeah, I was pretty sore the next day - maybe I train for the next half, no?

Thanks to Victor and for the pics (PhotoWolfe actually posted all of the pics for free downloading, which was very, very cool)

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