Sunday, March 10, 2013

Busy weekend warrior

I'm a bit late in this post, but I got slammed by Women's 5k race directing/sequestering/dog limping/PTSD fire cat fostering/ALJ applying/and a bunchofotherstuff.  But, last Saturday, I ran the Alamo Run Fest inaugural half marathon. 

I'm continuing my 'training plan' from January - run fewer than 10 miles during the week, then pull a long run out of somewhere on the weekend - dumb, dumb, dumb.  But, this run went to the West Side, where very few races are run.  And, they held it, so I had to come.  The last time I raced on the West Side, I was chased by stray dogs (2nd or 3rd best time ever), but this time, I only saw 5 strays, so I was pretty slow.  The first 12 miles were fine, but I really felt the lack of training in the last looooong, straight, Alamodome finish in view, but it's not getting any closer, stretch. 

So, of course, those are the only pics I have - and they sure are the ugliest.

Here I am, pretending to be normal for a couple of strides..

Then being a clown and acting like I still have energy

The race finished in the Alamodome, a la the old marathon course - I was about 1/3 mile away, and, checking my Garmin, was thankful that the course might be a little short (the old marathon finish involved entering the tunnel and finishing).  I was secretly fine with a short course.  No such luck - I entered the tunnel and had to run AROUND the inside of the Dome to finish. 
Had the course been short, I may have been able to finish looking like a normal runner; however, that extra lap brought out the crazy running chicken...

Yep, total crazy chicken. And here's what a crazy running chicken looks like when she checks out how chicken-like she is on the jumbotron....

SURPRISED crazy running chicken!  So, that kind of hurt and was my 4th 13.1+ mile race of the year (not counting the Ragnar relay).  I have learned my lesson, did not race this weekend (worked OT, since the future's looking bleak), and don't plan on running another half marathon waaaay until next Sunday.

Thanks to for the pics - I'm sure you don't mean that bottom bit.  If you do, I AM buying one of these pics and have no money, so suing me is a bust.

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