Saturday, February 18, 2012


Well, this was not the recipe for a fast race.  First, I began my race preparations yesterday, attending happy hour with work buddies, then hitting my buddy, Carl's, memorial at an ice house - he would have wanted it that way.  So, this morning, I woke up to RAIN and more RAIN.

And I didn't like it - but I went out to run the Street 2 Feet 5k, benefiting Haven for Hope, SAMMinistries, and the Street 2 Feet homeless running program.

But at least it waned for the race - so that I could run like a WET crazy running chicken

Though wet, it was a nice course - through CLOSED OFF downtown roads (that rarely happens).  So, I finished in fine chicken form - local anchor, Randy Beamer, called it "a most dramatic finish!"  Here it is frame-by-frame (thanks, Jose!)

(I was just trying to distract everyone from my slow finish time.) But, really, it was a slick course!
Then I stuffed my pie-hole, chatted with buddies, and headed into work (no worries - AFTER a shower).

 I returned home to find this - apparently, Gwen employed some mad ninja skills, broke out of her room, and tiptoed up on the couch next to 7-pound dog-hating Simba. (Maybe I need to turn up the heat, after all.)

Thanks to Scottydog and IAAP for the pics!

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