Monday, February 6, 2012

Eisenhower 10k trail challenge

I'm a pretty terrible trail runner and pretty much always fall down.  So, when it poured all night before this race, I figured that I was toast.  But, lo and behold, I stayed upright and had a good run.  Especially nice was the section from mile 4-5, which was soft mulch, winding slowly down the hill.  Ahhhh - but, no fears, even that gentle part did not tame the crazy running chicken in me.

It all started out normally, albeit cold.
Then, I unleashed a little crazy on photographer Ceci - check out those chompers!
Then, I ran along fairly normally, until I said to buddy, Adrian "do you want to see how to run like a crazy chicken?" (not really)
And then, he left me behind to run as a solo crazy chicken

and then it was done
Afterward, we enjoyed a bunch of chow, beer, tequila, and vodka (really).  And I schooled Gary (top masters runner) on how to run faster (not really).
In the end, I nabbed 3rd in the 30-39 age group (really) and 1st overall crazy running chicken (not really - though that ABSOLUTELY should be a category).
At least Vaca the cat was suitably impressed
Thanks to Bart for a great event - and SA Student Photographers and Ceci/IAAP for the pics!  Next up - Rodeo 4 miler and Cupid 5k next weekend.

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