Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New 2012!

I decided to change it up this year and spent New Year's Eve running my first 5k of 2012 at Ft. Sam Houston, with a start time of midnight.  This is a free run produced by the base MWR - with plenty of post race food - but no booze!!  Yes, really.

Here are some pre-race pics with buddies:

with Scottydog - fotog and runner extraordinaire (he and his wife were running/walking/volunteering the multirace New Year's circuit, too)
Scotty's wife, Gail
with Jim (1/1 is his birthday - AND he was entering a new age group)

George, Gail, Hugh, and Jane

Bill Piatt (to my right) was my law school dean
with fellow Wisconsinite, Charlotte - we train together in the Summer at Fleet Feet - and laugh at people who still run in snow (just kidding, friends and family - not really)
With Tina and Phillip - they also ran 'the circuit' of multiple runs on 1/1/12.

This historic Army base is in central San Antonio, just North of downtown, so as we ran, we were able to view the downtwon fireworks.  Here is my 'artistic' snap at the start of the run - with the fireworks in the background. (Really just a blurred pic with my cheapo camera - click on the pic to enhance its 'artsy' factor!)

Afterward, we enjoyed some pretty decent food and a Welch's sparkling juice toast.  Then, I headed home, poured myself a glass of real Prosecco, and hit the sack - to grab a few hours of sleep before run #2 of 2012.

The Cobweb Chaser 5k
Luckily, this race does not start until 10 a.m. - unluckily, a cold windy front came in at around 5 a.m.  So, while I ran comfortably in short sleeves at midnight - it was a little colder on New Year's morning.

But, I rocked some new armwarmers (gift from my folks) and ran about 15 seconds slower than 10 hours before, looking like a zombie chicken in armwarmers.
And then enjoyed a non-non-alocholic event

At the Cobweb Chaser, the San Antonio Road Runners always give out calendars for the new year - which I enjoy browsing the past pictures and using the calendar as a training log each year.  Until I flipped over the calendar this year...
Yep, just the 'ol SARR race schedule - I'll run most of those races.  It just gets a little scarier if you zoom in (click below if you need MORE zooming)

I guess that it is official, and I'd better start this new year off working on the Women's 5k as race director!

Thanks to Scottydog and Tom Lake (SARR) for the pics.

I wish everyone a wonderful 2012!

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