Saturday, October 10, 2009

I have FANS!

Fans, I tell ya!  Well, a fan.  Unless you count my family, then it's fans again.  This is a shout out to the chick at the Texas Med Clinic Half Marathon who came up to me to say she enjoyed the blog. (Hey, chica!)  Sorry, I did not catch your name, since you were somewhere between the end of 13.1 miles and a cold Alamo Ale, but thanks for reading and running!

So, after some demoralizing runs lately, including the super-tough Wounded Warrior and the "20 mile" wade last weekend, I enjoyed an AWESOME half marathon today.  I ran it nice and slow, at marathon pace, and really had a nice run.  The starting temperature was 54 degrees!  Fahrenheit, even.  Do you realize that I have been running in almost double those degrees for most of the Summer?  So, the pics may just not be quite as ugly as usual, for once.  But, I will be sure to post them when I get them and....ooooo....shiny medal....

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