Thursday, October 15, 2009


I'm generally pretty lax about cross-training.  I'd really rather run, unless it involves the First Friday Cruiser Rides, but I do not think you can really consider those rides as actual exercise.  Additionally, under most training plans, when tapering for a marathon, intensive cross-training is not advised.  So those are my excuses, and I'm sticking to them.

Yet, tonight, I took on cross-training by force.  So, I engaged a pumpkin piñata in mortal combat at the Brak Pak October BBQ.

First, I gave the piñata a fighting chance, by taking it on blindfolded.

Then, I cornered my adversar(ies) - the piñata and Ruben, the piñata puller.

It was a fair-ish fight.  I had run 4 miles, drank a beer or two, and been spun around by Lorie.  But then, I launched my cobra strike and CONQUERED!

And I was VICTORIOUS! Bwahahahahaha. 

Actually, about 10 folks had whacked the crud out of the poor piñata before me, and I just finished it off.  To put it out of its misery and all. 

Thanks to Bernice for these action pics.  ALL of the Brak Pak BBQ pics will be posted here sometime this weekend.

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