Saturday, September 12, 2009

Um, more running

Last night was the 25th 'Animal' (annual) Zoo Relay. The Brak Pak Chiks ran a solid race on the slick course in a mild drizzle. Brak Pak actually had two photographer/runners out there, so pictures should follow. This morning, I volunteered to herd kiddos for the Kids' Zoo Run, and then checked out the critters, including the black leopards, then hit the farmers' market.

Luckily, nobody captured any 'action' shots of me during the Whine Run on Labor Day (and that would have been truly ugly). Here are some fine ugly race finish pics from the Whine Run, though.

WHAT? are you kidding me?

Did I walk that or run that? But then, there were HILLS.
Ah well, *strike a zombie chicken hybrid pose*

Next up, a nice, easy 13 miler in the morning.
Thanks to Hill Country Rambling for the zombie chicken pics

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