Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tara's Terrible Tri Pics

I have not yet had a guest here on Ugly Race Pics, but I recently received an email from a buddy, offering up some terrible tri pics.

Now, some years ago in college, this buddy of mine convinced me to attend Army Basic Camp with her - "it will be fun," she said. Well, it was and it wasn't and, long story short, I ended up in uniform for several years and I blame it ALL ON HER! (Kidding - I don't really).

So, anyway, this can be a bit of payback - here are Tara's Terrible Tri Pics in the Women's Triathlon last weekend!

First, the swim. Nice try, Tara, but that does not make the Ugly Race Pic cut. My tips for next time - close your eyes, flail your arms, and do your best to imitate a chicken.

For the bike, Tara got better. Nothing like the action shot of slurping on a Gu!And for the run, I will have to give Tara an Ugly Race Pic honorable mention. Good job partially closing the eyes and sticking out the tongue, but the running form still looks solid. So, you should work on slouching over or splaying your extremities in different directions for an interesting effect!

I will do my best to show you these tips in action at the Wounded Warrior Run (17.2ish miles of hills) from the New Braunfels VFW to the Canyon Lake VFW this Saturday.

Thanks to Tara for the allegedly 'Ugly' Tri pics!

Thanks and apologies to Capstone Photography.

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