Monday, August 4, 2014

Not even trying to catch up

Normally, this is where I would apologize for taking on too much and post a ton of pictures from this past month and promise myself I could keep up next week or month.  Not this time.  Here's my ugly race picture and it is all - race director of the 35th Annual SARR Women's 5k.  I ran more than a 5k back and forth to the start/finish.

Well, all of the ugly race pics anyway.  It kind of shows what the last few months have been like - minus the running, because I did not have time with the quality review work detail and race directing and the other things I keep agreeing to do.  It feels like I've been going 100 mph and going nowhere.

So, the Women's 5k is basically done, with some wrap up tasks to complete and initial planning for next year (permit application, gripe absorption, and shirt ordering).  But I only have two weeks to get back to base level running (25 mpw) to start marathon training for the Bryan-College Station marathon in December.  Without getting injured, Sally, without getting injured.

But in 'good' news:  1)  I now have time to get the ~$10k estimates on my foundation repair before my 90 y/o house caves in (yay!).  2)  It's pretty clear I have psoriatic arthritis [dang blogspot - that is absolutely a real word].  Whenever I have been under stress since my 20s (deployment, trials, bar exam...), my palms turn into a flaky, itchy, terrible mess.  Such as now.  I always blamed it on environment, but I guess now I know the fun truth.  Not so much fun to type decisions with itchy, painful hands.  But 3)  I'm about to hit 3,000 decisions that I've written since 2007.  I know it's geeky and not relatable, but that's close to how many decisions some folks who are retiring have written.  And last, and best 4) I now get to work from home 3 days per week. 

Unusually (but I have unusual pets), this has somehow caused Pepper the cat to develop separation anxiety - he must be near me at all times.  It's creepy when I'm showering.  Here is what he looked like under my chair the other night.

I guess we all need a break.  And maybe some counseling.  Or maybe I'll just go back to running and let my pets be freaks - that probably works best for us, I think.

Next up - getting back on track, Lotteria 5k, and increased Humira.

Thanks to Randy Beamer, WOAI for the pic.  And Pepper, for being a creeper.

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