Thursday, June 28, 2012

My brain is on fire

One reason I left private practice was to reduce my anxiety level - not having clients call at all hours or constantly having clients' situations weighing in my head was exhausting.  Yet now, taking over the SARR Women's 5k, I'm back to that.  I have some ugly race pics to post, but, honestly, I have so many balls in the air that I'm juggling, I have to put that off.

Here's an ugly pic of me - with the pretty SARR shirts

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This is the large shirt - bust size up to 38. The shirts are women's sized, so order on your dress size. (XL is bust to 42, XXL to 44).

Thursday, June 14, 2012


I'm directing the 33rd Annual SARR Women's 5k this year and, believe me, it's a lot of work.  Make sure you thank your next Race Director.  But a  weight was lifted today when the shirts arrived - I  think they are pretty!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mostly following medical advice

So, I've been faithfully attending physical therapy and doing my exercises (with cat-weight added resistance); however, when I told the physical therapists that I registered for the Hartford marathon, they piled it on.  And it hurt.  I swear, on Friday afternoon, the PT tried to stretch my IT band to Albuquerque.

So, this morning, I was hurting before the race even started.  I ran the WellMed 5k (they sponsor the Women's 5k that I am directing, so I wanted to give back).  The PTs told me to control my gait, keeping my feet under me, and concentrating on even balance/not limping - rather than speed, so that was my race plan.  Since it was also dang hot and humid, it seemed like an even better plan.

Here are some pre-race pics:

and during the race - George (with me - above, behind me-below) is 70 and was gaining on me, so I decided screw the PTs, George was not beating me.
And, in the end I got second in the age group, almost following medical advice.
And I beat this guy - who finished the 1 mile run/walk, celebrating his 96th birthday - amazing!  His gait was MUCH more balanced than mine.

Thanks to Scotty Dog for the pics!