Saturday, June 2, 2012

Mostly following medical advice

So, I've been faithfully attending physical therapy and doing my exercises (with cat-weight added resistance); however, when I told the physical therapists that I registered for the Hartford marathon, they piled it on.  And it hurt.  I swear, on Friday afternoon, the PT tried to stretch my IT band to Albuquerque.

So, this morning, I was hurting before the race even started.  I ran the WellMed 5k (they sponsor the Women's 5k that I am directing, so I wanted to give back).  The PTs told me to control my gait, keeping my feet under me, and concentrating on even balance/not limping - rather than speed, so that was my race plan.  Since it was also dang hot and humid, it seemed like an even better plan.

Here are some pre-race pics:

and during the race - George (with me - above, behind me-below) is 70 and was gaining on me, so I decided screw the PTs, George was not beating me.
And, in the end I got second in the age group, almost following medical advice.
And I beat this guy - who finished the 1 mile run/walk, celebrating his 96th birthday - amazing!  His gait was MUCH more balanced than mine.

Thanks to Scotty Dog for the pics!

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