Thursday, November 1, 2012

Still tired...

Well, since I returned from Hartford I've either been too busy or am experiencing post-marathon fatigue.  Or both - because I am beat.  Last week was the final Wednesday night zoo run of 2012 - Brak Pak was out en force:

Then, Thursday night was Diva Night at Fleet Feet Sports - bra fitting, wine, Krav Maga chicks kicking butt, wine, chocolate, and some of my favorite folks, Street2Feet (Felicia, below, is not a member of S2F)...
Saturday night was the 2nd Annual Dia de los Muertos 5k.  I phoned it in with my "thundercloud" costume this year - although I did have battery-powered "lightning" under the cloud.

I also phoned in my running performance - here I am at the finish, taking a detour to go pat an Iniguez doggie.

Then I blew my nose
It was really a nice race, directed by one of my favorite fotogs - Ceci.  She really puts the extra effort into the quality details.

Then, it was up again for Fleet Feet marathon training Sunday morning - and breakfast afterward at EZ's...

Then, I slept and hoped for a calm, easy week ahead.

Unfortunately, last night involved another midnight emergency trip to the veterinarian.  And, after struggling most of this past year with Vaca's cardiomyopathy, I had to put Vaca the cat to sleep.  This was the first time I've ever had to make that decision - and it really sucks.  But, in a short amount of time, it seemed that a blood clot knocked out his hind leg function and also his lungs, which I knew could happen with CM - my cat, Rojito, also lived with CM for 3 years - it tends to get the big, gentle guys.  Dangit.  But, now he can party on in his 10th life and my memory.  Adios, Vaca.

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