Monday, October 22, 2012

Hippopitoodlepotamus Run

Ho hum.  My annual marathon is run, so now what?  Let an 85-pound pitbull drag me up 3.1 miles of hills, you say?  You're ON!  Oh wait, I already did that on Saturday. 

Gwen and I hit the rescheduled SNIPSA Race for the Rescues 5k last Saturday.  She would like me to mention that she's been dieting and is likely closer to 80 pounds, but it's hard to do the pick-up-the-baby-hippo-dog-and-jump-on-the-scale thing.  Maybe we'll tackle that challenge this weekend.

But, back to last weekend.  I alternate dogs for these races, so it was Gwen's turn to 'race.'  Here we are beforehand.

She's pretty competitive and went into full-out zombie mode
Freaky, no?  Then, she lunged and ate the photographer's brains!
Not really.  Gwen is just overly enthusiastic with kisses (and accompanies them with a complimentary head butt). 

So, we got off to a FAST start, but Gwen was soon distracted by chasing the biggest boy dogs she could find and wallowing in dogpools like a hippo.  (The apple, it seems, does not fall far from the tree.)  But, we 'sprinted' to the finish, looking like champion runners - in a speedy 47ish minutes.
And then "we" sniffed a bunch of butts and took this lovely pic

Gwen would like me to mention that objects in this pic appear wider than they really are.  I'm pretty sure she's correct. 

So, after that adventure, I let her drive home.

Not really - zombie hippopitoodlepotamuses are TERRIBLE drivers.

Gwen would also like me to mention, though she was an off-the-street stray rescue, you should support SNIPSA.  I've volunteered with those folks, and they do a wonderful job TRYING to help reduce the stray population and kill rate in San Antonio.  Gwen says give them some money or adopt your own hippopitoodlepotamus (or other, slightly inferior, breed) from them. 

Thanks to scottydog, Benson photography, and Michelle for the pics.

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