Saturday, September 22, 2012

I don't know why I'm always so tired

Well, maybe last weekend will explain.  First, there was the Zoo Relay on Friday night - it's a 4 x 2 mile relay - with part of the route going by the alligators.

Here's most of the Brak Pak contingent.

The next morning, I ran with my buddy, Lorie, in her retirement run at McAllister Park - she's retiring after 33 years in the USAF.
Then, I frantically cleaned the house, chopped, peeled, cooked, etc. for wine book club.  Which brought on Sunday - and rain - and muddy dogprints across my clean floors.

Sunday morning was the Loteria 5k at Brackenridge park.  I dressed as Loteria card #33 - La araña

For those of you who don't know -- this is ironic, since I LOATHE spiders.  We have a hate-hate relationship.  I once took a bite out of one, and she took a bite out of me - landing me in the hospital (dumb black widows).  Disclaimer - I was 9 months old and everything on the floor was food.

So now, when I see a spider, I usually douse it with the hose - until it writhes in the water - like this:

Then, just before it shrivels up and dies, it looks about like this:
Maybe I'll be nicer to spiders.  Or I'll just give them a beer after the dousing - it helped me perk back up.

Then I went home, dried off, mopped up dogprints, and cooked some more - for my feast of Michoacán book club - and it was tasty, but I was TIRED.

Thanks to Ceci, Victor, and Scottydog (below) for the pics.

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