Tuesday, November 15, 2011

WOW what a weekend

Okay - this weekend kind of tired me out. A lot. 

After work on Thursday, I started off with dinner with Marshall Ulrich.  Which, if you click on that link, you'll realize what a wimp I am complaining that this weekend tired me out.  In fact, this dinner was the first time I labeled myself as "only a marathoner."

I got to sit with him (and other wonderful running buddies) for dinner, and he's a truly amazing, but VERY down-to-earth guy.  I'm waiting on some more pics from the event - we were all super busy this weekend, so I'm still collecting pics - but here I am with my buddy Jerry at dinner....
The next morning, I awoke to temps in the 30s - for the Veterans Day 11k on 11-11-11 at 7:11 (except the race started late).  It was a nice run, though, in McAllister Park - and registration was only $11 for vets.

Then, I raced home to shower and head out to my buddy, Lorie's, wedding at 11:00 a.m (on time) on 11-11-11 - I didn't realize it would be televised (or I might have dressed more nicely - but at least I showered)!  http://univision41.univision.com/videos/video/2011-11-11/111111-soldada-se-caso-con

It was also on the English NBC station (WOAI), but I can't find the link.  Here are some of us from the running community - for the first time, all together - fully clothed AND not stinky. 

Then, I hit the Rock N Roll expo - which was crazy.  But not as crazy as when most of the wedding party arrived a little later to pick up their race packets - yep, even the bride was running the half marathon.

And then I crashed on the couch, with the help of my napping coach, Simba the cat.  Later, that coachcat 'helped' me pack my drop bag for the half marathon - I had to triple check that she did not end up IN the bag on race morning.

On Sunday, I woke up at o'dark'early and set my "get to the half marathon for free" plan in action (seriously, parking or being towed costs up to about $200).  But first, when I went to check the B Cycle availability online, I noticed the probable cause of my laptop's sluggishness (and furriness)

BAD coachcat.  Then,  I noticed that, unlike Friday morning, the temperature was already in the mid 60s, with near-100% humidity.  BAD Texas weather, dangit.

I headed to the San Antonio Art Museum, where I could park for free and check out a B Cycle (which I paid $20 or so for a year membership)

I jumped on one of these bad boys and pedaled down blocked-off roads for about 2 miles, checked the bike into another station, and ended up at the Rock N Roll HM start WAAAAAY too early - darn contingency planning. 

But, I had plenty of time to see buddies, check out the bike tour start, get ready, etc. 

And off we went...

There weren't a lot of race pics along the route, which was probably a good thing - because it REALLY got hot around mile 9. 

I'm on the house right/stage left in my 'torro' pose.  (There are 28k pictures in the 'lost and found' section for the photographer, so most weren't tagged, and I'm not going to go blind trying to find more ugly race pics - but only this time!)  Like I said, I'm tired - and next weekend is almost as crazy.

I felt pretty good during the run and didn't hit any trains (unlike last year) - but, with the heat, I slowed down and stopped for water/drink every chance I got.  And I finished - not my best, not my worst.

So, I earned some more bling (Apolo Ohno was not actually included in the bling)

Here's many of the Brak Pak folks at the finish

Then, I walked about a mile, jumped on another B cycle, pedaled 2 miles, jumped in my car, jumped in the shower, and jumped on the couch for an hour or so nap session with catcoach Simba.

Then, I headed to Lorie and Will's reception at the Friendly Spot after the roads opened.  It was a whirlwind, crazy running weekend for me - but an even happier, marrying, whirlwind, crazy running weekend for them!

Sadly, we found out after the race that a San Antonio runner died after crossing the HM finish line a bit in front of me, which makes me sad, makes me enjoy every moment that I am still able to run a race, no matter my finish time, and reminds me to ALWAYS listen to my body.

Thanks to Victor, Brightroom, Valerie, Scottydog, Dorine, Unavision, & B Cycle for the pics!

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