Saturday, December 15, 2012

For Anney & Jennifer

So, I dragged my butt down to the missions for another 10 miles this morning - but it was better than autoimmune and liver diseases (inside joke that's not very funny).  As I find myself facing the geratric cliff (big 40), I find that running on concrete HURTS.  But, it was a fun, positive run - and wasn't cold!  There was actually a small child (8ish?) pacing me for the first 3 miles (he was running the 5 miles - in JEANS!) - he rocked.

but you know I had to make it ugly - post-10 miles

Luckily, the recovery drink was delicious.

Thanks to Anney & Jennifer - big positive thoughts to you both!

Thanks to Tom Lake, SARR, & IAAP for the pics.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Catching up

Well, crud.  Somehow life and running and all kinds of stuff got in the way these past months, and I have not graced you all with my abundant ugly race pics.  So, since I last posted, my runs have also been quite cruddy - here's a synopsis:

Probably my worst HM finish at the SA Rock N Roll - definitely the worst leg cramps in my history, but here I am hamming it up

Later, around mile 11, other runners kept me from falling over with crippling leg cramps. But then, I ran the SABA Courthouse 4 miler - also pathetic.  And then, there was the Santa Antonio 5k - I rode the course twice by bike - and was hurting
But enjoyed a little 'recovery'

And then, this weekend was the Sticks and Stones 16.04K road or trail race (I picked stones/road, given my injurious history on this dang trail - I still have a scar on my left knee from earlier this year).  But, somewhere about mile 7, I got really grouchy - and at mile 9 in the humidity, the calf cramps hit again - right here-ish
But, again, I recovered with the help of some friends and libations
All that said and given my history of pretty cruddy performances at my races as of late, I was debating whether to run the SARR 5 mile or 10 mile run this weekend.  After posting a request for advice, I got pushes from two high school buddies - one of whom who has multiple autoimmune diseases - from the 'usual FM' to some really unique and untreatable disorders - and the other who recently underwent a liver transplant and is experiencing some complications.  So, my "I'm sleepy in the morning" and "my knee hurts" complaints pale VERY MUCH in comparison.

And, therefore, I have registered for the SARR 10 miler on Saturday - the first 5 miles will be for Anney and the second 5 miles for Jennifer.  Maybe a little positive run will do us all better in the overall spiritual realm?