Monday, April 25, 2011

Providence 5k

It was a hot and humid morning... (Wow, I feel like Snoopy, starting 3/4 of all my race reports like that, but it was - and will be until about December.)  I headed to Providence High School for a point-to-point 5k to the Pearl Brewery on Saturday.  It was along the River walk, and much of it was the route I'd run the afternoon before with Heather, the not-a-serial-killer stranger buddy.  It was also a narrow, windy course, so that's my excuse for slow running.  And that hot and humid thing.  And just being lazy.

Anyway, the race ended at the Pearl Brewery for the Saturday morning farmers' market, which always makes me happy.  I ran into many other friends (and their dogs) there and, when I was buying hummus at Humble House Foods (they also make cheeses, tapenade, and pesto in my zip code), Marsha (the co-owner) said, "gosh, I haven't seen you in awhile."  I've had races the past couple of weeks and, last week, was only buying food for book club (small fridge/no storage).  Anyway, it made me laugh - especially since many of the other farmers routinely ask me how training is going and which race is next.  And that makes me even happier.  So - I'm enjoying a week's worth of fresh beets, arugula, spinach, onions, mushrooms, eggs, hummus, lavendar dog soap, strawberries, and blackberries.  All from less than 150 miles of mi casa.  So, that heat and humidity actually pays off and leads to my happiness.  Right?

I did not have any of my 'personal photographers' in attendance at the race, so I have no ugly race pics to post.  However, as we were leaving the market, a San Antonio Express-News fotog snapped our sweaty pic - so I may be in the newspaper coming up soon.  Dang paparazzi, I just can't shake 'em - especially at the Farmers' Market!

Friday, April 22, 2011

running with strangers again

I got a message from Heather L on dailymile last week that she would be in San Antonio (from New York) for a conference and needed some running routes.  So, we met up this afternoon for a mini running tour of the city.  We took it fairly slow (I was slow in the heat) and stopped to take pictures along the route.

We headed up along the Museum Reach of the river walk and got to see a boat in the "boat elevators" (locks).

Then, we turned around at the Pearl Brewery and checked out the new rental bike stands

and headed back downtown - and, of course, hit the Alamo.

and, afterward, we enjoyed an ice-cold margarita -- here's the post run/margarita pic
Whew, I'm glad yet another running 'stranger' was not a serial killer (I think....).  Thanks for the run/rita, Heather!

Next up:  Providence 5k in the morning

Monday, April 18, 2011

more fandango pics

And some pre-race pics from my buddy and fotog, Scottydog (that's him in the "I beat cancer" shirt.

thanks, Scotty!

Fiesta Fandango and food

So, my Saturday was spent at the farmers' market, buying supplies for JUGBABES book & bottle club on Sunday - then hitting Whole Foods & HEB - then endlessly prepping food and cleaning - then running the Fiesta Fandango 2.6ish mile fun run.  This is a fun run in front of the Fiesta Flambeau night parade - with FANS (and guys chomping on turkey legs, shouting "run faster, honey!").  There were many costumes, and I took pics along the run.  Thanks to Ceci and Tom for the pics, too!

 Ceci - the undead super fotog!  Check out her inaugural Dia de los Muertos run at - it's going to be COOL!
 waiting to jump on the bus at the Japanese Tea Gardens
 Very squinty at the start
 runners and floats
 more runners - those are 'Chilean miners' - they also had gals with 'Chilean wife' and 'Chilean mistress' with them.  There were about 1,100 runners.
 Accidental picture along the run
 head of the horse along the run (the ms. pac man folks were behind the horse)
 lifeguards in REALLY short shorts
 running with los muertos and Laura (who was surprised by Ceci, taking pics!)
 near the finish
 Sadie, the good dog, at the finish.  She does a LOT of tricks, listens, and obeys.  I want one of those dogs.
 These guys dribbled a basketball the whole run
 My favorite - the running chickens
 These are the guys you have to be faster than
 yep, really
 some night parade pics as we awaited the return bus
The Frost Bank tower - in Fiesta colors. 
The next day, I hosted JUGBABES book & bottle club and made about 70% of my meal from ingredients from the Pearl Farmers' Market.  This was one of the faves-I credit my cooking less than the very fresh ingredients that were picked on Friday and transported fewer than 150 miles.  Thank you, local farmers!

Beet Salad

4 bunches fresh beets without stems (I used white, golden, and red beets)

2 T oil (I used walnut)

1 T lemon juice

2 T white wine vinegar

1 T honey

2 T Dijon mustard

1 t dried thyme

1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to taste

greens (I used arugula, belgian endive, and endive frisee-however that's spelled)

1 cup feta cheese

one red onion - sliced thin

~ 1 cup candided pecans

Heat oven to 450 degrees, coat beets lightly with 2 T oil and roast for ~45 minutes until tender. Allow to cool, then peel and dice (use gloves - they stain) - chill in fridge. Mix the lemon juice, vinegar, olive oil, honey, mustard and thyme (I shake in jar). pour dressing over greens, onions, and beets. Top with feta cheese and pecans.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

Look! REAL crazy running chickens!

From tonight's Fiesta Fandango run (more pics to follow, after I prepare stroganoff out the wahzoo).

Wednesday, April 13, 2011 it

So, it's Fiesta in San Antonio.  For you folks not familiar with this phenomenon, it's a crazy week where parts of San Antonio just shut down and party.  (and why, exactly, do I live here?  It's the hispanic, mellow New Orleans, without hurricane warnings this time of year.)   So, this year, with the shock of potentially not getting paid, I decided not to attend many events outside of the two Fiesta runs - but I MUST attend Cornyation - the "cheapest and raunchiest event of Fiesta."

Several weeks ago, I stood in line at the Magestic/Empire theater to get tix - this was the guy who was behind me (in the cast, getting tix for friends - we saw each other after tonight's show).

So, I managed to get us 3rd row center orchestra seats for tonight's show, which, for me, is the funniest - since the show is always a bit of dress rehearsal and, as that ^ guy said, one of their drunkest times, since they're all nervous.  But, it was in the confetti splash zone (like Sea World).

So, here goes the hilarity....First off, we saw this car in the parking garage...

but it was almost legal
And, then - on with the show --

so, thus far, that's friends, a unique cactus, an Arizona immigration skit, making fun of Miss San Antonio (how cool is that taco dress), and a fairly demented take on Sesame Street with Snookie and Katy Perry.

And then (and then) more taco and tiara laughs

 Then we hit puro Big Red

 and the excellent Ruffles getup
 And Ruffles - but not really ruffle ruffles - like this....

And one of the biggest brains behind this show. Robert Rhem.  Robert Rehm is an artist/theatre artist who lives in San Antonio, Texas. Since 1985, he has done design work for 16 Cornyations. Mr. Rehm taught theater arts for nine years at Thomas Jefferson High School (around the corner from my neighborhood) where he was also Director of Theater for the Fine Arts Magnet Academy. In March of 2005, while rehearsing for the UIL One-Act Play, he took a fall off the Jefferson stage into the orchestra pit and the accident left him paralyzed from the neck down. Despite this unfortunate occurrence, Robert remains active in the San Antonio Arts Community today.

Cornyation raises a lot of money for a theater scholarship in his name, the San Antonio AIDS Foundation, and affiliated local charities.  So, it's for a good cause.

And afterward, we have even more fun in the streets...

 Me with the Palins (Sarah got pooped out of a moose)
 And more Palins - the Palin in purple to the far right is the pregnant, but abstinence preaching Palin, and the Bristol to my immediate left is the Dancing with the stars Bristol. 

 With the hostest with the mostest - seriously, she can even talk faster than me. remarkable.
 With Big Bird
 With my favorite - the cactus
 With Elmer Fudd, the immigrant hunter
 More with our hostest (they had to do another show at 10ish, as well as 2 more per day for the next two days) - holy volunteerism!
 with "Miss San Antonio"
 With "Muslim child pageant entrant"
 With Bert and Ernie and Snookie.  I can't even describe this skit.  It also included Katy Perry and a Grease number. Excellent.
 Again, with our hostess - have I mentioned how wonderfully articulate she is?
 More with the Palins
And, yep, I couldn't get enough with the Palins.  The gal who played la la Sarah in the red on the left won best skit last year with her crew. It's really an excellent show, but I recommend that you do not buy tickets, so that I can buy mine.